(but not show them :P)

Apparently my guy is normally an ass guy… BUT my boobies have converted him.

I’ve never had a reaction like that before and I found it quite hilarious :P

I want one <3

I want one <3

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A fairy ring is a naturally occurring ring of mushrooms. They are also known as pixie’s rings, faerie circles, or elf circles. The English believed that fairy rings were where fairies came to dance and celebrate, the mushrooms of the rings were used as stools for the fairies to recuperate during the evenings festivities. (OP)

They also believed that fairy rings were where mortals were trapped and either kept in there for about 100 years in slumber or brought underhill (also typically about 100 mortal years).

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I have been off of here for a little while but I have good reason.

There is a guy who calls me beautiful and thinks I’m amazing.

That is all. Carry on.


I think I’m starting to fall for a guy that I only know online.

I’m not falling IN LOVE yet, but I’m at the very beginning where I’m still infatuated and I am believing that there is the possibility for something more and something truely serious. I’ve known him for two months now.

I selfishly hope that I get to meet/see him sooner rather than later.


I have done many things:

  • Roasted garlic for the first time
  • Baby sat for the first time
  • Dyed someone else’s hair (for the first time… and not perfectly but adequately)
  • Made my awesome veggie lasagna (and later tonight will be serving my tofu/cashew “ricotta” to an unsuspecting person)
  • Took a nap with a baby (3 times)
  • Given one of my friends a bit of a crash course in veganism
  • Inadvertently caused a gassy baby (eating lots of veggies make babies gassy so my friend has been avoiding them while she breast feeds, I arrive and she starts eating more veggies… oops! )
  • Finished a book! Not a big accomplishment for me but it’s still nice.

My roasted garlic is still cooking and I’m SOOOO looking forwards to devouring it.



You’re paying for birth control for women you aren’t sleeping with because 


Stop whining, respect basic health rights for both genders, and maybe you’ll even get a little ;)

I still had to pay for my birth this month. 10 dollar co-pay. I’m not sure what’s this is talking about.

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So I’m traveling to see my best friend right now. She’s so amazing.

Incredibly beautiful inside and out, supports me in freaking EVERYTHING that I believe in even when she doesn’t agree with it, and she recently had a darling little baby boy. She lives in the land of no hills and lots o’ corn. She also has stocked her pantry with my favorite vegan basics and she’s excited to let me make her lots of home cooked vegan meals (I brought my brand new forks over knives cookbook to give some good inspiration) even though she is definately not vegan.

My current dilemma is that I’m ravenous and I need to figure out where I can get vegan noms besides jamba juice. Luckily I have a computer and complimentary wifi to allow me to mess with the google.

I hope you all are having a great day!

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